First Time Personal Experience

I was seventeen when i lost my virginity. This girl Emily and i had been friends for a long time and we had both messed around with other people but never with each other. We hung out alot and went to prom toghether and everyone would joke that we were dating but we never really did. One night we were sitting on a park bench just hanging out and I said i was concerned, being a senior, that i would enter college a virgin. We agreed that that would not be a good thing and thus made a pact to have sex with each other before December, since we were both set to graduate 6 months early. I didnt take it to seriosly at the time, kinda like a little joke that we could allude to from time to time.

About a month later we were watching a movie in her basement, since that was where the huge TV was. Her parents werent home but her little brother was, but he was used to me being over and was already asleep. Her parents let guys sleep over, so long as they slept in a seperate room. They had known me for almost a year and totally trusted me to go to sleep in a seperate room. We were leaning up against each other on the couch and the movie ended. I shut off the DVD player and TV and the room went dark. She said something about being alone in the dark and then we kinda ended up spooning on the couch. I had slept with her before, literally that is, but that was the closest we eevr came to sex. I was kinda tired since it was after midnight and as i was about to start going to sleep i kissed her on the cheek. She turned around to face me as best she could, since all we could see were shadows, and looked at me. Our faces were really close and i whispered now and she repeated me, now.

We started kissing and it was kinda wierd, since i had never kissed her before and had never thought of her as anything but a friend. We had both done everything but and after some foreplay we got all of our clothes off. I was scared shitless, i had never been completly naked with a girl before and i was really nervouse about the whole thing. She was shaking under me too, so i felt better knowing that i was not the only one who was so scared. She asked me if i was scared and we both gave a very nervouse laugh and then i said yea, but if i had to loose my virginity i was glad it was with her and she said me too. Then i said we’ll still be friends after this, right and the thought about it for a few seconds and said yea, always friends. When i wnet into her the first time i was really slow and i was kinda surprised at how little room i had, but i guess first time is always tight. She started making little noises, like grunts and i could tell she was hurting. She wrapped her arms completly around me and pulled her body really close to me, like a big hug, i wrapped my arms arouund her likewise and we did it like that, moving toghether. I thought i wasnt going to cum because it felt differant then everything else but i did after a few minutes. When i pulled out of her i touched myself i felt her blood on me and got really scarred that i had hurt her. She go up to and went to the bathroom and i walked to the bar and used some paper towels and the bar sink to wash myself off.

She took a little longer and when she came out i was scarred about how she would act after it but she walked up to me and by now i was limp and we just hugged, naked, for a long time, like a minute, neither of us saying a word. I finally let go and we walked back over to the couch and pulled a blanket off a chair and spooned and just went to sleep. When we woke up everhting was almost normal, i asked her how badly it hurt and she smiled and said not that bad and i said i was sorry and she said not to be, then we just joked arounf about how scared each of us was during the whole thing and we just talked for a while, then we heard her brother walking around upstaires and we got dressed really fast and cleaned up all the evidence and went upstaires for breakfast. He did waht he always did, joke about us fooling around, and for once it was true. We didnt use a condom and that was a mistake. I would recommend loosing your virginity to someone you care about, not some random person you find atteractive, it really is incredible.

3 Responses to “First Time Personal Experience”

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