my girlsfriends wet panties

I went to a party with my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun. We danced and drunk a lot. But my girlfriend was getting real drunk so we decided to go home. When we were at home she immediately fell a sleep. I was lying next to here and was a bit bored. So I started to wrip here pussy. I noticed that it was already very wet so she had a good time at the party. Her black lace panties were very sticky and wet. I was getting very horny.

I wanted to be naughty and so I stuffed her pussy with her lace panties. I went very easily because her pussy was just so damn wet. I stuffed it real deep and then took here vibrator. I wripped her clit with the huge thing and then putted it in to her pussy. I set the vibrator at the highest speed. She was getting real wet now and I could stuff her panties real deep into her pussy with the vibrator. I was lucky that she was real drunk so I could do wathever I wanted to do… When I was playing with the vibrator in her pussy, feeling her panties go Deeper and deeper, I putted my fingers into her ass and tried to feel to end of the vibrator at the other side. It was al so exciting that I almost had some cum coming out of my hard cock. I decided to go to sleep and fuck her the next day. I left the panties stuffed very deep into her pussy.

The next evening she wanted to fuck me after she had taken a shower. I was already real excited because of here panties still sitting in her pussy. She sucked my cock like hell and I asked her of I could taste her pussy. Again it was already very wet and I made it a bit wetter by liking her clit up and down. I opened her pussy with my fingers and I could see the black lace at the end. I’m fingered here very hard and then putted my cock into here fin pussy. I fucked here real hard but faked my orgasm because I wanted to keep here panties clean.

2 days later we went to another party. The past to days were real hot and she had been wearing a thight jeans al day. When I looked at here I could not think of anything else then here black panties in her juicy pussy. That evening I let here getting drunk again and again I decided to go home real early. Again she fell a sleep and I knew what to do… I went down to here pussy and try to reach here panties. They were stuffed real deep so it wasn’t easy at all. I could finally trap them and pulled them out after 3 days.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Her panties were so wet because of here juicy pussy that it was like she had gone swimming with those panties. The smell was heavenly and there were white marks on her black panties of here juice. I putted my fingers into her pussy and now it was very dry. All the juice was soaked into her black panties. I had went to the bathroom with her panties and had the greatest orgasm of my life.

2 Responses to “my girlsfriends wet panties”

  1. 2 dimas sky Oktober 7, 2011 pukul 5:01 pm

    buat cewe2 atau tante2 yg butuh kehangatan, ps, web caman sex, atau

    mau ktmuan langsung .. khusus daerah jakarta timur, jakarta barat,. (untuk wilayah jakarta lain kurang afal)



    no tlp ada di profil info fb..

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