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Kasir Swalayan

Desy yang masih berumur 25 tahun tidak menyadari bahayanya bekerja sebagai kasir di sebuah toko serba ada di Jakarta. Dengan semangat dan keinginan untuk mandiri membuat dirinya tidak mempedulikan nasehat orang tuanya yang merasa risau melihat putriya sering mendapat giliran jaga dari malam hingga pagi. Desy lebih memilih bekerja pada shift tersebut, karena dari saat tengah malam sampai pagi, jarang sekali ada pembeli, sehingga Desy bisa belajar untuk kuliahnya siang nanti.
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Pemerkosaan di kereta

Sebut saja namanya Intan, seorang gadis berusia 24 tahun, tingginya 165cm dengan berat badan yang cukup ideal, 53kg, dengan ukuran payudara 34C. Dia bekerja di salah satu stasiun televisi swasta sebagai reporter. Intan beparas cantik dan berkulit putih mulus sehingga dia dapat diterima bekerja sebagai reporter di XXX tv sejak dua tahun yang lalu. Sebagai seorang reporter yang pastinya sering muncul menyapa pemirsa di layar kaca, tentunya membuat Intan meraih popularitas sehingga banyak orang mengenalinya. Banyak hal yang dirasa menyenangkan bagi Intan karena popularitas yang didapatnya, diantaranya pada waktu keluar berjalan-jalan, banyak orang yang mengenalinya dan tersenyum kepadanya serta menyapanya, bahkan hingga meminta tandatangannya.
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The Wet Nurse

Events in childhood shape our destiny. What happens in those formative years may so affect our lives that what follows is as inevitable as if we were a leaf that, once it has fallen into a stream, is carried helplessly away to its ultimate destiny.

Edwin Stearns always knew, down to the day and hour, when a key event in his life occurred: a warm afternoon in August 1879. He was 10 at the time, and had joined his mother Clara and sister Lillian, who was seven, at Oakdale, the family summer retreat. Oakdale consisted of five acres and a sprawling house shaded by tall maples and chestnuts. It overlooked the Hudson River near Stony Point, just north of New York City. His father Elliott, president of First Federal bank, had remained in the city to work.
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Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Wednesday, August 28th, 2008 – 8:20am
I’m so excited about tonight! I keep imagining everything that’s going to happen. I mean, my first threesome! Christophe promised me if this works out we can even try different combinations – maybe another guy for me. But for now, I’m curious to see how much I’ll like being with a girl. I’m glad I kind of know Nancy – Mel introduced us at a party. She’s really hot. I’m a bit nervous – what if Chris likes her more?? The thing that struck me most about her was her eyes – huge, huge green eyes with long, black lashes. She has dark, long hair and arched eyebrows, almost as though they’re painted on. But they’re real. When I saw her last, she was wearing bright red lipstick, and bright red shoes to match. The shoes made her taller than me, but I guess we’re pretty much the same height. I remember Chris commenting on how great her butt looked in the tight jeans she had on. I felt jealous for a second, but then I had to agree!
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Dad’s Big Mistake

Kyle was a tall muscular 18-year-old. It was summer vacation and he was home almost every day with his mother. Julie was a maternal beauty. She was about six feet, 130 pounds, with long, milky-white legs and big banana-shaped boobs. Kyle often wondered what it would be like to fuck his mother. To prop her feet back on his shoulders and feel his large cock saw in and out of her sweet cunt. He wanted so badly to dump his load deep into her womb, where his mother’s eggs would surely be waiting.

Julie knew her son wanted her. It was obvious by the looks he’d been giving her. A part of her was flattered by her son’s admiration, and any woman would admit, the boy was handsome, but he was her son and she was married to her husband of 20 years, Paul. Given time, she knew her son’s fascination for her would pass.
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My First Time with Angela

Angela and I had been dating for a few months and rarely got to see one another for much more than a day a week. Weekends were normally the only days which were available for us to see each other and normally our ‘dates’ were rather stale and uninteresting. I was quite young at the time and was quite easily aroused by just about anything regarding a female.

Our ‘date’ started as any other, the usual awkward encounter involving her parents and I followed swiftly by leaving and wandering aimlessly. It was early summer and Angela still had her pool set up outside of her house, just across the street and incidentally just out of view of her watchful parents. I was in great shape due to Swimming every day for the entirety of the year and certainly wasn’t afraid to take my shirt off around my girlfriend of a few months.
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