Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Wednesday, August 28th, 2008 – 8:20am
I’m so excited about tonight! I keep imagining everything that’s going to happen. I mean, my first threesome! Christophe promised me if this works out we can even try different combinations – maybe another guy for me. But for now, I’m curious to see how much I’ll like being with a girl. I’m glad I kind of know Nancy – Mel introduced us at a party. She’s really hot. I’m a bit nervous – what if Chris likes her more?? The thing that struck me most about her was her eyes – huge, huge green eyes with long, black lashes. She has dark, long hair and arched eyebrows, almost as though they’re painted on. But they’re real. When I saw her last, she was wearing bright red lipstick, and bright red shoes to match. The shoes made her taller than me, but I guess we’re pretty much the same height. I remember Chris commenting on how great her butt looked in the tight jeans she had on. I felt jealous for a second, but then I had to agree!

OK, so I just got out of the bath. I shaved everywhere, leaving a short triangle of blond hair. I always feel weird with no hair at all down there, but keeping it as smooth as possible makes it easier for Chris to go down on me. Oh my god – tonight maybe Nancy’ll be going down on me! I was surprised at the party how soft her lips felt compared to Christophe’s. I’ve masturbated so many times since then, thinking about kissing her, imagining what it would feel like to kiss with our breasts pressing against each other. I can’t wait!

One hour to go. The plan is for Nancy to arrive here before Christophe gets home. We’re going to be making out on the couch, and he’ll walk in and “catch” us in the act. I’m wearing my new outfit: black skirt and black high heels, with a turquoise colored shirt. My hair is sitting in hot rollers right now, so I’ll have a mane of tously blond curls for tonight… I feel really nervous!

Wow. Just wow. I have to write all this down so I don’t forget it! OK, I got really nervous before Nancy arrived. I didn’t know if she knew how little experience I had with other girls, and I was freaking out. I called Christophe and he was so sweet. He told me just to relax, and have a glass of wine with her when she got there. If we ended up hooking up before he got there, great, but if we just wanted to hang out, that was fine with him too.

Well, that took the pressure off. So here’s what happened, start to…finishes:

Nancy rings the doorbell just as I’m getting off the phone. I open the door, and she looks even hotter than I remembered. This time she’s in tight black pants, with a low cut, twisted red top, and her hair up in a long, straight ponytail. I ask her in, feeling a bit awkward and pour her some wine. We sit on the couch, drinking and chatting. A music video plays quietly on the TV, and I follow her glance to the booty shaking on the screen. She giggles and tells me she knows one of the girls in that video, and she starts trying to identify her friend’s ass, without much luck.

After relaxing for a bit, Nancy gets closer to me on the couch. “You look great today, Amy,” she says, and something clicks, the air changes and it’s beginning. Having fantasized about this evening for so long, I’m almost sad that it’s begun and therefore nearly over. I soon forget any disappointment as Nancy’s lips meet mine, as soft as I remembered. Our kiss is gentle, less pushing and pulling than any kisses I’ve had with guys, more of an exploration. Her tongue flicks mine lightly, and her hand is on my bare thigh, at the edge of my skirt.

I feel myself getting wet already, the heady smell of her perfume filling my nostrils. I reach out a hand, unsure of where to touch her, settling on the curve of her waist. Her other hand is in my hair, cradling my head, and I find the light graze of her nails against my scalp amazingly sexy.

She moves her lips from mine and starts kissing down my neck, honing in on that sensitive spot just beneath my jawbone. As she kisses and licks the delicate skin of my neck, I feel her hand travel up, over my skirt, over my shirt, and cup the underneath of my breast, pushing it upwards. I moan then, her lips and tongue teasing me, her firm grip on my breast. I can feel that my panties are already soaked through.

I move my own hands up her body, which ripples firmly underneath the thin material of her shirt. I want to feel the softness of her breasts spilling over the top of the shirt, and my fingers cup one of her breasts, my thumb grazing over the top, her skin so smooth my thumb seems to skate over the soft curves.

I feel her reach up and roll down the straps of my top, and a chilly rush of air hardens my nipples. I mirror her move, rolling down the red tank top so her breasts pop out over the top. I sit back a little to take in the sight of her. Her breasts are creamy white, with large pink nipples. She has considerably more to grab than my handful-sized tits, and I can’t resist any longer, pawing at her chest like a teenage boy seeing boobs for the first time. She draws back, and says, “Hey, I always wanted to try this.” She picks up her right boob and lines her nipple up with my left nipple, and does the same with the other side, pressing up against me with our nipples perfectly aligned, boobs squashing together. At first it seems funny, and we’re giggly, but the feeling of her soft breasts against mine is incredible. We start kissing again, and I hear the front door click open.

Nancy carries on kissing me, and we’re still pressed up against each other when Christophe walks in. “Oh my god,” he says, forgetting he’s supposed to be catching us going at it, “you two look so hot like that.”

We break away from the kiss, sitting there topless before him, one petite blond, one ponytailed brunette.

“Honey!” I say, in my best June Cleaver impression, “You’re home early!”

The look on his face tells me he’s ready to ravage both of us, his eyes roaming over our faces and chests. “Want a drink?” I ask him and he nods, struck silent.

I grab a glass from the kitchen and by the time I’ve returned to the living room, my beautiful boyfriend is being straddled by Nancy, his head buried between her breasts. I kneel next to them on the couch, kissing Nancy again over the top of his head. Her tongue flicks against mine, turning my insides to a dark puddle and I want her more than anything in that moment.

As if he can feel the heat between us, Christophe lifts his head from suckling on Nancy’s nipple.

“Want to move into the bedroom, ladies?” he asks, and I nod in excitement. I pick up the glasses from the table and bring them and the cold champagne bottle with us. We peel clothes off along the way, naked by the time we reach the bedroom.

“Here, try this,” Nancy tells me as we both kneel in front of Christophe. She takes a sip of champagne and holds the bubbly liquid in her mouth as she takes his cock between her lips. Chris moans at the combination of the fizzy, cool liquid and Nancy’s soft, warm tongue beneath it.

I mimic her, and we take turns with mouthfuls of champagne and cock.

“I want to try it on you,” Nancy says, ceasing to suck Christophe and pushing her tongue into my mouth instead. She tastes vaguely of him, a taste I’m used to filling my whole mouth, the flavor of Christophe’s cock incongruent with her soft, soft mouth.

I lie down on the bed, and Nancy has the champagne bottle there. She pours it carefully over my eager pussy, dripping wet even before the champagne bubbles over me. I gasp as the cool fizz hits my aching lips and when she dips her head to lap it from me, drinking it as it runs down over my clit, my lips, pooling in my hole, I am sure I will orgasm immediately at the touch of her tongue.

Nancy continues her delicate flickering over me, on all fours between my spread legs. She glances over her shoulder at Christophe, who glances at me as if asking for permission, and my naked lust beams back at him. He kneels behind Nancy, slowly pushing the thickness of his cock into her. I know the contours of that cock so precisely, can imagine every veined inch of him probing inside her fleshy walls. I wonder briefly how different her cunt feels to mine, where it is tighter, where her smoothest parts lie.

Her wriggling tongue against my clit distracts me and I lift my hips to her face for more. My hand reaches out as if independent from me, my fingers delving into her thick hair and pulling her mouth even closer to me.

Christophe pushes in and out of her, the sliding rhythm of his fucking matching my rocking hips up to Nancy’s mouth. He reaches out his hands to hold both of mine and we are connected through her, to her as I feel the vibrations of her moans on my swollen nub, Christophe pushing her pleasure higher and her lips communicating every driving thrust directly to my pussy, clenching in joy.

She lifts her head. “You taste good, Amy,” she says as she moves to plant her lips on mine, letting me taste my own salty sweetness.

I grind up against her as Christophe continues to drive deep inside her hole, craving the feeling of her breasts squashed against mine, the weight of her on top of me as Chris fucks her.

He withdraws before the sensation of her slippery wet cunt rubbing on mine can send me over the edge, and lies back on the bed.

“Amy… I want you; I want to be in you,” he says, holding his rigid cock up for me to climb on.

I climb on top of him, hovering over him with the bulge of his cock just parting my lips so he can feel the heat I’m generating, the aching deep inside me, the longing for him to plunge far into me. I slide down him, pushing myself further and further down. I imagine the tip of his cock piercing into the tiny hole of my cervix, and my pussy clamps around him in at the image.

As I begin to ride him, I feel the warmth of Nancy’s breath down there. I twist myself, turning back to see her taking Christophe’s balls in her mouth, one at a time. She sucks one in, rolling it with her tongue, gently sucking before releasing and repeating with the other one. I can feel Christophe’s cock twitching inside me in response to her oral manipulations. I can tell he is getting close as his face furrows into pleading, his cock straining inside me, the sliding pushing changing to insistent pumping.

One of his hands kneads my ass cheek, the other tangles in Nancy’s hair as mine had been minutes before. His cock pummels me harder and harder, and I feel a rush of wetness escape me onto Nancy’s hungry tongue below. Christophe clutches, slamming deep into me as he grabs Nancy’s head in a vice grip, holding both of us there as the cum erupts from his jerking cock.. I feel the force of his hot spurt inside me as he lets out a guttural roar, spurting again and again, his fingers grabbing, clutching, keeping us in place for the whole length of his finish, as if us moving just an inch would stop him dead. His upper body spasms forward at the end of his orgasm and then he is still, lying back, muscles relaxing one section at a time, shoulders dropping back, then arms, hands releasing us from his clutches.

I lift up off him slowly, and Nancy gently licks the remaining cum dribbling from him, eliciting a further twitch, a groan as she takes his whole, slick cock into her mouth and softly sucks it clean.

“Lie back,” she tells me, and I obey. She parts my legs and inspects me. “Look,” she says, and by sitting up and craning forward, I can see the pearly pool of Christophe’s cum collecting in my cunt.

Nancy begins to lick me clean, her tongue slithering over every part of me, my lips, my clit still throbbing, before she dips her tongue inside me. I feel her drinking from me again, the probing muscle of her tongue pushing against every side of my hole, lapping every drop of cum from me. “Want some?” she asks, and even though she swallows before kissing me, I can taste the mix of her and me and Christophe’s seed in her mouth.

We continue to kiss, and the tantalizing hints of her I can taste, can smell in the air, are no longer enough. I want more of her, to taste every part of her. From our embrace, I roll her onto her back, and she lies there, opens her legs in invitation.

I’ve never done this before, and I feel suddenly nervous at the sight before me. Her dark brown hair there is trimmed too, and the way her legs fall to each side parts her pink folds, glistening with moisture. I lower my lips onto her, trying to mimic the gentle swirls of her tongue. She tastes sweeter than I’m expecting, and my tongue glides over her slippery lips easily. I take one of her puffy lips gently between my teeth, tugging on it lightly to reveal the swollen bead of her clit.

I move my tongue slowly around it, an elusive pearl beneath her slick skin, and at every direct touch I sense a slight tremor go through her.

Christophe lies on his side, his gaze flicking from my face buried between Nancy’s legs to her head, tipped back, her mouth open in a silent “o”, her hands grasping at the sheets as I lick her. He’s stroking his cock back to life again and as it become semi-hard he holds it over Nancy’s face, offering it to her open lips.

She greedily begins to suck him again, able to take his whole cock deep into the back of her throat in its somewhat softened state, but the tickling of her tonsils on his cock head soon brings him back to full strength.

That’s when Christophe moves behind me, and I try to keep my concentration on the sweet taste of Nancy as he pushes one finger through my own slickness, expertly and instantly locating my clit and circling it with his fingertip.

He swirls around me, I swirl my tongue around Nancy, my hips juddering back at Christophe as she lifts her shaking crotch to me.

Christophe presses the head of his cock against the tight star of my asshole, his shaft still wet with Nancy’s saliva. He rubs slightly harder at my clit and presses harder, popping inside me suddenly. I cry out, my lips at the entrance to Nancy’s cunt, my sharp exhale washing over her drenched lips, the sound lost inside her.

Christophe pushes in deeper, and I bury my cries in between Nancy’s welcoming thighs, moaning into her as his cock drives further into me. He waits there for a second, letting my ass relax around him before he begins to fuck me, knowing I want it hard, hard and deep and merciless.

I feel Nancy’s motions becoming more urgent, her hips rising to my face. Her hand reaches out to pull my skull against her, and she finds Christophe’s fingers already there, one hand grasping my scalp as he plunges freely now in and out of my ass.

His other hand continues to work my clit, and the combination of his cock jamming my ass full and his fingers teasing me, short slap-taps against my throbbing swell of nerve endings has me writhing back against him. My mouth works feverishly against Nancy, lips pushed tight against her, tongue driving at her clit and back again. I feel like I am doing nothing but kissing her there, deeper than I have ever kissed anyone, tonguing her with all my strength, drinking her in.

When I push two fingers inside her hole, she begins to clench around me, tighter than I imagined possible. The spasms start from deep within her, the muscles of her pussy begin rippling around my fingers and I feel my own empty cunt clenching in response, a shuddering, deep, dark hole of pleasure inside me, somewhere between my pummeled anus and my aching cunt, my clit throbbing and twitching under Christophe’s deliciously cruel slaps and the darkness builds and swells, swells until I can feel nothing but that. The cock slamming into me, the quickness of his fingers, Nancy’s gush of sweet fluid into my mouth, her crying out, all seem distant, far away, as the roar of pleasure pounds through my body. I cannot scream with my mouth buried in Nancy’s quivering pussy and the inability to release this pure energy makes it last longer, all pouring into and out of me, nowhere to go but the shaking, driving, slamming of my crotch.

Just as I tip from the heights of this roaring wave, I hear Christophe yell from far away, and as I fall, twitching, it is his turn to explode inside me, shooting the second load of his creamy cum deep into my bowels. The hand that slapped my aching clit to orgasm now cups Nancy’s plump breast, squeezing it as he cums, his other hand still yanking on my hair.

His orgasm is shorter than before, and he slides out of me, dropping back on the bed in exhaustion.

I lift my face from Nancy, wiping my drenched mouth on the corner of the sheet.

She sits up against the pillows, her face flushed, her breathing still shallow, and she is breathtakingly beautiful in the afterglow of her orgasm. Christophe lies beside her, similarly glowing, both their bodies glistening with a light sheen of sweat.

We pass the now-warm champagne bottle between us, drinking gratefully.

I feel shaky, my orgasm having taken every drop of energy in me, and stretch out on the bed between them, not minding whose gentle hand is caressing my thigh.

And that, dear diary, is the story of my first threesome. I had to get every detail in here ’cause I can’t wait to do it again…and I’ll need some reading material in the meantime.

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