My First Time with Angela

Angela and I had been dating for a few months and rarely got to see one another for much more than a day a week. Weekends were normally the only days which were available for us to see each other and normally our ‘dates’ were rather stale and uninteresting. I was quite young at the time and was quite easily aroused by just about anything regarding a female.

Our ‘date’ started as any other, the usual awkward encounter involving her parents and I followed swiftly by leaving and wandering aimlessly. It was early summer and Angela still had her pool set up outside of her house, just across the street and incidentally just out of view of her watchful parents. I was in great shape due to Swimming every day for the entirety of the year and certainly wasn’t afraid to take my shirt off around my girlfriend of a few months.

I can still remember the experience quite vividly, Angela wore a yellow bathing suit with white doves on it, a two piece with the lace in the back. It went well with her eyes, one of the things which I loved about her. She had some of the most beautiful blue-green eyes I have ever seen, even today. They were absolutely mystifying. The yellow color of her bathing suit went quite nicely with her messy blonde hair, let loose to be blown about in the wind. It was an interesting experience in the pool indeed though at first it was rather boring.

When we hopped in we engaged in some of the stupidest things we could think of, jousting with noodles and random splash war cyclones. We were young and that was what came to mind as fun to do in a pool. The water was quite comfortable, just warm enough to feel nice on the skin. The summer sun had done a great job of heating it up for us.

We pranced about for a while, and then we got bored. I decided to be a bit of a silly kid and take grabs at her ass, she didn’t mind all too much but she did jerk away and say “Innapropriate!” and then giggled at me. This tango continued for a minute or two when I finally decided to be a bit more aggressive.

Angela was still swimming around in the pool when I grabbed her from behind, rather lightly by the breast, she arced her neck back and smiled. She turned around and threw and arm around my back and pushed me against the wall of the pool and kissed me on the lips. We fell into the water together, lips still tightly locked and continued even while under the water. This short makeout session was indeed intense, sort of like an altered version of the “Who can hold their breath longer game” with more physical contact.

Angela rose to the surface first, clearly unable to match the lung capacity of a swimmer, I stayed underneath and had a bit of fun. I swam away at first, and took one strong stroke to return with my ballistic trajectory aimed directly at Angela. When we collided, I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and pulled her under the water with me. While she was underneath I took a deep breath and went back under. I pressed my body against hers and rested my head between her breasts.

When we both rose to the surface she had her thigh wrapped around my back, I gently nuzzled her breasts and she slid down a bit, moving my mouth to hers and we resumed making out. The kissing intensified and I could tell she was much more into it, she even took the liberty to grab her own feel of my ass. I jumped a bit at that, not expected a retaliation on her part.

We wrestled a bit in the water and then I pulled away, she jumped onto my shoulders and I fell back into the water. I freed my hands and untied the top of her bathing suit. She laughed to herself as I said “Whoops, my fingers slipped a few times.” I pulled the strings away and let loose her breasts, quite sizable breasts in reality, some of the largest I’d ever seen. Her measure was in the late Cs and early Ds, almost too much for me.

She was obviously not used to being exposed to anyone and she became a bit shy once her breasts were set free, but I insisted that they were perfect. Finally, she said “Oh, fine.” and we resumed making out. I went a bit lower this time, I played around with her ass cheeks for a while until she finally stopped me. She said “Well, I’m already half naked, what about you?” This caught me off guard and I tossed out the words “Fine, won’t you help me out here?”

Angela grabbed hold of my Jammers and pulled them down to my ankles as I reached behind her and untied her bathing suit. Before this day I had only seen a vagina on the internet and it was an incredible experience. We resumed making out, now completely naked in her pool. I was reluctant at this point despite pushing so hard to get here but now she was the one who insisted. She urged me to continue, and I agreed. I grabbed her by the shoulder for support and used my right hand to find my penis entry. Once inside the fun began, We fell into the water once again still locked together and I began thrusting into her underneath the surface. I could hear the moans even from under the water.

I had never experienced anything like it, I’d masturbated plenty in ‘preparation’ for this day, but no amount of hand stimulation could prepare me for how great her moist vagina felt enveloping my rock solid penis. My body felt warm and cold at the same time, I felt shockwaves coming from my chest all the way to my neck from the contact, I loved every minute of it.

I was surprised at my stamina for my first time, despite how much better the real thing felt I was still able to control myself, Angela was pretty surprised as well. She was shaking by the time I was ready to go and indeed, go I did. I know that everyone describes their first time’s cum experience as the strongest, but this was absolutely ridiculous. I pulled out as my penis began to pulsate and I had to breathe deeply to compensate. Having risen from the water Angela took my penis in her mouth and began sucking.

I was almost gasping for air as I inched closer and closer to my climax when finally the fireworks were lit and I was set off. I let out what seemed to me like a sound of relief but turned out to be something more like someone about to sneeze the world’s largest sneeze. Angela braced herself as I began to cum, I was used to a sizable amount of cum when I masturbated but Jesus, I could have filled a milk jug with all of it.

I was still shaking even after my climax as Angela and I resumed making out, the surface of the pool was quite clearly contaminated with my cum and it was almost scary to see how much of it there actually was. Rather than staying in globs, the cum dispersed and gave part of the surface a light coating. We both got dressed and stepped out of the pool, hand in hand and arm in arm. I helped Angela out of the pool, she was still visibly shaking from her experience.

We went inside without any regrets, for a first time, we had some amazing sex. Her parents could sense something was up but they had no idea, they thought that the worst we would ever do was kiss, and even that they assumed to be quite the rare occasion.

2 Responses to “My First Time with Angela”

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